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  • STSE Felicitation Convention 2016 is scheduled on 21st August, 2016 @ Regional Science Centre.
  • NTSE 2016 - 17 State Level scheduled to be conducted on 6th November 2016.
  • NSEJS is scheduled to be conducted on 20th November 2016.
  • NSEP, NSEC, NSEB, NSEA is scheduled to be conducted on 27th November, 2016.
  • NEET Phas II Admission Notice View more...
  • NEET Phase II Brochure View more...
  • "2 Years IIT JEE Classroom Program begins for Class XI.Admissions in progress."
  • KVPY 2016 scheduled to be conducted on November 6th, 2016.Online Application portal opens on 10th July 2016.
  • IISER Aptitude Test scheduled to be conducted on 3rd July, 2016.The results of the Aptitude Test will be announced on 10th July, 2016.
  • GURUJEE's CBSE Integrated School Program for Class 8th , 9th and 10th for the Academic Year 2016 - 17View more...
  • IIT JEE/Olympiads/NTSE Foundation Classroom Program for the Academic Year 2016 -17View more...
  • IIT JEE Foundation Classes for 9th and 10th of the Academic year 2016 - 17View more...
  • 7 Students Qualified and in top 10% of the district in Olympiad (IAPT), 2015.. Area of selection: Astronomy, Biology, Physics and Chemistry...
To become a leading guru for entrance examinations coaching and to be the number-one model in the hearts of students across the world.
»   GURUJEE aims to empower children to succeed in an increasingly competitive world keeping in mind the aspirations of their parents thereby taking off their baggage and constant worries about their wards.
»   GURUJEE believes in being the ultimate trainer for competitive examinations like, IIT-JEE, Medical, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads etc. and hence helping children materialize their dreams.
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